Queer and Sexuality Studies

Department of Gender Studies, Graduate School of Humanities

Nagoya University

Welcome to Chika's Queer Lab

Our current project is to investigate how body image is constructed and why people care about if the image is real. For this purpose, we analyze discourses from the perspectives of cultural studies, media studies, ethnography and social science.

Lab Head

Chikako Matsushita Tanimoto has been specializing in queer theory and continental philosophy with critical emphasis on the question of the body in relation to sex and gender. She is the author of Kuia Monogatariron (Queer Narratologies, Jimbunshoin, Japan, 2009), the winner of Fukuhara Awards for English literary studies. Her articles have appeared in both American and Japanese journals. Her recent interest is sexual minorites' sports participation.

Chikako Matushita Tanimoto

Professor of Gender Studies

MA (Michigan State University)
PhD (Nagoya University)

email: chika[at]nagoya-u.jp

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Research Interests: Queer Theory / Critical Theory / LGBT Studies / 3rd Wave Feminism / Continental Philosophy / Psychoanalysis / Qualitative Research (Constructivist GTA)


Queer Theory / Gender and Sexuality / Approaches to Textual Analysis / Research Seminar / PhD Thesis Seminar


#205 North wing,
Liberal Arts and Sciences Building, Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya